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Jamie Oliver Debuts Edible Perfume (aka Salad Dressing)

Here's a fun video from world-saving British chef Jamie Oliver advertising his edible perfume J'ai Mange. Inspired to create the world's first edible perfume after accidentally pouring salad dressing on himself ("Everyone's eating food, why not wear it?"), Oliver sells the fragrance in the black and white ad with the tagline "Pour. Dab. Drench. Eat. Wear." Although Oliver does sell real fragrances, J'ai Mange is totally fake. If it were real, J'ai Mange would join the ranks of other food-inspired fragrances like barbecue cologne, Eau de Pizza Hut, and bacon cologne. Go, watch Oliver put salad dressing on his neck and arms:

Video: Jamie's New Edible Fragrance: J'ai Mange

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