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Watch a Stunning Visualization of All elBulli's Recipes

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Here's a video that shows a visualization of recipes from chef Ferran Adrià's legendary restaurant elBulli. The video was designed and created by Aerstudio with Telefonica I + D. Telefonica is a collaborator on Adrià's massive culinary wiki Bullipedia and Aerstudio was hired to help with "the conceptualization of the design," so it's pretty safe to assume this video offers a glimpse into what Bullipedia might look like. Here's how the visualized recipes work: Ingredients that are connected by a line have been combined in at least one elBulli recipe. Ingredients are pictured to scale; the bigger an ingredient appears, the more often it's been used in elBulli recipes (olive oil, gelatin, stabilizer, and salt stand out as go-to ingredients). Lastly, when an ingredient is selected a graph appears tracking how long it was used in the restaurant. The program also lists which ingredients have been combined with which. It's pretty fascinating stuff. Go, watch:

Video: Recipes from elBulli

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