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Doritos Locos Everything Is Coming and You Can't Stop It

Doritos Photo: Facebook

With the insane success of Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos (eaten by crunchy-shell lovers to the tune of more than one million tacos per day), perhaps it's no surprise that the Dorito-ification of America continues: The AP reports that Doritos parent company PepsiCo Inc. has been in talks to Dorito-dust menus at chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Pizza Hut.

Buffalo Wild Wings, which recently signed PepsiCo. as its beverage provider, says it's working with Doritos to come up with "unique menu offerings," and is considering using Doritos "as a crunchy topping for wings or tenders." A Pizza Hut rep, meanwhile, confirmed to the AP that it's also engaged in conversations about using the snacks on its menu, though it didn't provide further details about possible menu items. (Some suggestions for Pizza Hut: giant Doritos-flavored P'Zones and/or the Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo with Doritos-crumb crust.) The Buffalo Wild Wings rep, meanwhile, says any Doritofication of the menu won't happen for another "year or 18 months" at least, so in the meantime, Taco Bell's the only option for unholy snack chip/fast-food mash-ups.

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