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Watch Ferran Adrià Talk Creativity and Culinary Innovation

Here's world-famous Spanish chef Ferran Adrià giving a lecture to business school students on the topic of "Should Business Meet Art." Adrià's speaks to the nature of creativity and creative personality ("Most creatives aren't happy"), pursuing a creative career ("Do you want to be at the top or are you happy just creating?), and remaining productive ("To be and stay efficient, organization comes first"). Speaking of innovation, Adrià argues that there are very few people in a given field that make a huge impact. In the culinary world, Adrià says only 3 chefs in the last 150 years have "changed the paradigm" of cooking and "one of the three started a movement." Adrià doesn't name names here, though.

Adrià goes on to talk about the importance of taking breaks, saying that artists are the most creative people because they can "take a break whenever they want." And, since this is an Adrià lecture, there are plenty of head-scratching questions like "Do you want to make an omelette or a new omelette?" Go, watch, and stay tuned after Adrià's talk for a lecture on the same topic by architect Makoto Tanijiri and an audience q&a:

Video: Innovation with Ferran Adrià & Makoto Tanijiri

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