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Watch CollegeHumor Prank Restaurant Diners with a 'Never-Ending' List of Specials

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The merry-makers at CollegeHumor recently pranked some unsuspecting diners by sending over a waiter who read a "never-ending specials" list that, at some tables, kept going strong for nearly nine minutes. As the specials went on, the dishes became more ridiculous: Think a "scrunched monkfish liver served with a Kalamata yuzi [sic] reduction and picked pepperdine slaw," "fried Chad Kroegers," and a trout that's the "turducken of the sea." One diner, after listening for nearly nine minutes, sarcastically asks, "Do you have fries, by the way?" (The answer is no.) Go, watch this exercise in extreme diner patience:

Video: Never Ending Specials Prank

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