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Watch Michael Anthony's Google Talk on the Gramercy Tavern Cookbook

Chef Michael Anthony stopped in to chat with Google about The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook, his culinary career, and connecting with community through food. Anthony tells the Google audience that he started his journey in Japan, studying under a "chef [who] was reliving her brutal apprenticeship," but says the experience taught him the simple skills that ultimately resulted into a James Beard Award: "A chef always thinks ahead, chooses the right tool for the right job, [is] prepared, works clean."

As for the cookbook, Anthony says he tried to focus on two essential things: "The beauty and the warmth you find at Gramercy Tavern. And a great book of reference." The discussion also touches on the community found in Danny Meyer's establishments, and how Gramercy works with and educates youth about food. Go watch:

Video: Michael Anthony | Chefs at Google

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—Cassie Sawyer

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