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Watch Colbert Tackle Genetically Modified Foods

Last night comedian Stephen Colbert weighed in on a Washington ballot initiative that would have required warning labels to go on genetically modified foods that got defeated by voters. Colbert explains that he supports genetically modified foods because "you are what you eat, and I'm hoping one day a mutant tomato can give me heat vision." He also point out that America's food manufacturers probably can't "take the time and expense" to find out if there's genetically modified ingredients in their food because "they don't even know if there's food in their food." Colbert finds another plus side when it comes to restaurant chains: "And don't tell me about the anti-foaming agent in my Chicken McNuggets. That ruins the surprise when my mouth doesn't foam." He even imagines his own line of labelless snacks called "Just Eat It" which comes with a complimentary blindfold. Go, watch:

Video: Washington State's GMO Labeling Initiative

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