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Behold NYC's Cultural Mash-Up 'Thanksgivukkah Donut'

Zucker Bakery's turkey-and-cranberry stuffed doughnut.
Zucker Bakery's turkey-and-cranberry stuffed doughnut.
Photo: Zucker Bakery

Beloved food holidays Thanksgiving and Hanukkah converge on the calendar this year, so a New York City bakery will celebrate Thanksgivukkah with a dish that mashes up traditional dishes from both: Behold Zucker Bakery's "Thanksgivukkah donut," which stuffs spiced pumpkin suffganiyot with fillings like turkey and gravy.

The bakery will offer four iterations of the "stuff-ganiyot" doughnut: turkey and cranberry, pumpkin with cranberry sauce, and a sweet potato doughnut with marshmallow. The treats will be available at the bakery starting this weekend, and for Hanukkah traditionalists, there's also a (pun-free, Thanksgiving-free) plain jelly doughnut available.

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Zucker Bakery

433 E 9th St., New York, NY 10003