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Chicago Chef Charlie Trotter Dead at 54

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Both NBC 5 and ABC 7 out of Chicago are reporting that legendary Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has died. Very few details seem to be available at this time; Trotter was reportedly found unresponsive at his home (or "a Chicago residence," as NBC has it) and was later pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He was 54 years old.

Trotter was known for his two Michelin-star eponymous restaurant, which he shuttered in 2012 in order to go to graduate school. During the restaurant's 25 years, dozens of famous chefs passed through its kitchens including Grant Achatz of Alinea, Homaro Cantu of Moto, Giuseppe Tentori of Boka, and Graham Elliot of Graham Elliot.

Unfortunately, Trotter's last brush with the media was a bizarre incident involving a cancelled high school art exhibit. Little information is available about Trotter's death at this time; more as it become available.

UPDATE 1:32 PM: The Chicago Tribune has additional details. Trotter was discovered unconscious at home this morning by his son Dylan, and an ambulance was called. They also have comment from Graham Elliot, who calls Trotter's death "a huge loss not just personally but for the culinary world."

UPDATE 2:45 PM: The food world reacts to Trotter's death.

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