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Watch Bourdain Visit Tokyo's Insane Robot Restaurant

Humanitarian Anthony Bourdain did a great public service on last night's Tokyo episode of Parts Unknown: he filmed the Robot Wars show at Robot Restaurant in Tokyo's Shinjuku Kabukicho district. Yes, that Robot Restaurant. And obviously this robot show has everything: ominous narration, a light show, pole dancers, an all-lady marching band, monkeys driving tanks, samurais, panda ninjas, glow sticks, robots, robots in rainbow clown wigs, giant robots driven by scantily clad women, dinosaurs, tigers, cavewomen, lasers, motorcycles, and more. Seriously, check it out:

Video: Anthony Bourdain Visits Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

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Robot Restaurant

1 Chome-7−1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021, Japan