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New York's Balthazar Nixes Bathroom Attendants

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Photo: Daniel Krieger

Restaurateur Keith McNally has decided to do away with bathroom attendants at his New York brasserie, Balthazar. The decision came to McNally after reading a post by Business Insider editor-in-chief Henry Blodget about how everytime he uses the bathroom at Balthazar he is "hit by the same series of unpleasant emotions: Annoyance, guilt, pity, uncomfortable invasion of personal space, and then... extortion." McNally told First We Feast that he completely agreed with Blodget and plans on removing the bathroom attendants from their posts.

Wrote McNally: "Although I'm looking forward to standing at Balthazar's urinal without another man staring at me I'll very much miss my bathroom attendants." After hearing the news, Blodget tweeted that Business Insider would "create at least 3 new jobs" to replace those lost by the bathroom attendants. Alternatively, he stated he would eat at Balthazar every week and "request them as waiters."

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—Gabriella Vigoreaux


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