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NYT Magazine Cover Sure Looks a Lot Like Lucky Peach

Here's the cover to this past weekend's issue of the New York Times Magazine which — according to some people, even including NYT commenters — looks a lot like Lucky Peach's iconic covers. Above: the NYT Mag cover for Michael Moss' story about broccoli's "extreme makeover" and the covers of Lucky Peach issues one and two (below are the covers of issues three and four). The 6th Floor blog has a whole post on the making of the photography by Horacio Salinas (but makes no mention of the type treatment).


More recent issues of Lucky Peach have moved away from the handwritten coverline style; see issues five, six, seven, and eight. There's no reason to run around like a chicken with its head cut off and call it a "ripoff" or anything (it's not like beheaded chickens could scream or evaluate the nuances of typographical design anyway). And it's not like anyone's got a trademark on handwriting-ish type treatments, but sure, they look similar.

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