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Judge Orders California Sriracha Factory to Halt Odor-Making Operations

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It might be a good idea to stockpile Sriracha, because a judge in California has ordered the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha hot sauce plant in Irwindale, CA to cease any operations that cause irritating odors following a lawsuit filed by the city. The LA Times reports that the judge ruled in favor of the city, writing that the odor appears to be "extremely annoying, irritating and offensive to the senses warranting consideration as a public nuisance." While he did write that the smells tormenting the citizens of Irwindale could be "reasonably inferred" to coming from the factory, the judge also added that there is a "lack of credible evidence" linking the various cited ailments like burning eyes and headaches to the odors.

Though the injunction orders the factory to "cease any kind of operations that could be causing the odors" and that it "make immediate changes that would help mitigate them," it does not force a complete closure of the factory, nor does it specify what exact changes need to be made. While some chefs have already begun preparing for a life without Sriracha, it seems that next year's supply might actually be unaffected by the ruling since the chilis for the year's batch have already been ground. The ruling will go into effect as soon as it is signed, but the case might still go to trial.

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