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UK Service Prints Instagram Photos Onto Marshmallows

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Photo: Boomf

In case your s'mores needed an extra dash of sepia tone, London-based printing company Boomf has launched an web app that allows Instagram users to print their favorite images onto edible marshmallows, effectively "turn[ing] your memories into magical morsels." Users simply select nine images from their Instagram accounts, which Boomf prints onto two-by-two-inch marshmallows in a "scrumptious natural vanilla" flavor. The price tag — £12 — includes same-day shipping in the U.K.

Boomf co-founder Andy Bell tells ABC News that the service is currently unavailable in the United States, though the company plans to expand stateside sometime next year. And why marshmallows? "It's only 25 millimeters high, so it wouldn't work with cupcakes," said Bell. "We thought about biscuits, but there was some chatter online about marshmallows being the coming thing."

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