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Couple Denies Stiffing Server and Leaving Anti-Gay Note

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In a "stunning new twist," NBC 4 New York might have uncovered evidence that the server and ex-Marine who claims a family in New Jersey denied her a tip because she's gay might actually have made the whole thing up. Earlier this month, Gallop Asian Bistro server Dayna Morales shared a photo of a receipt with a self-righteous note about her gay "lifestyle" and no tip with the LGBT group Have a Gay Day who posted it to their Facebook page.

Now, a couple has come forward to tell NBC that not only did they tip Morales, but they have their time-stamped receipt and credit card statement to prove they left an $18 tip on their $93.55 bill. The couple also says that they "have both worked in restaurants and believe in the value of tipping" plus they "didn't vote for Gov. Chris Christie because the governor doesn't support gay marriage." The restaurant — who so far has stuck with Morales — would not produce the original receipt for $93.55 for NBC, saying that they are aware of the allegations and that they have no comment "pending investigations." At this point, it seems very possible that it was a hoax. Now that people are sending Morales tips, hopefully she is actually donating them to the Wounded Warrior Project as she claims. Below, the video report from NBC, including an interview with the anonymous couple:

Video: Family Says They Did Tip Gay Server

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