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Watch Robert Sietsema Visit Midtown's Katsu-Hama

Welcome back to Sietsema's Secrets, an Eater NY video series that takes readers inside the kitchens of the city's best ethnic restaurants.

In this edition of Sietsema's Secrets, Robert Sietsema goes into the kitchen at NYC's Katsu-Hama to see how chef Antonio Garcia consistently plates the restaurant's signature perfectly fried pork cutlets. In the clip above, Sietsema reveals a few of the secrets: fresh panko bread crumbs (made from white bread), a slow-frying technique, and a tableside grinding technique that "makes you feel like a Medieval alchemist."

Hit play on the video above and visit Eater NY for more. >>>

Katu Hama

11 E 47th St., New York, NY, 10017

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