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CBS Sunday Morning's Food Episode: Lidia Bastianich, Kale, Macarons, Wild Turkeys, and More

CBS Sunday Morning's annual food episode aired this weekend, and man did they ever squeeze in a hell of a lot of food content. There's a profile of Lidia Bastianich, as well as one of actor/wine maker Kyle MacLachlan, there are exposés on the popularity of macarons and meatballs and kale and pancakes and Lockhart, Texas barbecue, and there is a feature on the art of plating with "chefs from Gotham Bar and Grill, Atera, and Applebee's." Below, a selection of videos for the episode; for more check out CBS's food episode index.

Video: Food wars: Healthy snacks vs. junk food

Video: Kale, the Sexy Green

Video: Meatball specialty shops cash in on growing fad

Video: Macarons are taking over

Video: Pancakes: Breakfast's comfort food

Video: "Homeboy-made" at the Homeboy Bakery

Video: The art of plating

Video: Chef Lidia Bastianich's family brand

Video: BBQ in the heart of Texas

Video: Tea time in China

Video: Mead: A taste of honey

Video: Nature: Wild Turkeys

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