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Giada De Laurentiis Had a Bloody Accident on a Live Food Network Special

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Photos: Giada De Laurentiis / Instagram

Ah, live TV: this weekend, Food Network aired a live Thanksgiving special during which over-ennunciator/Italian foods specialist Giada De Laurentiis managed to cut through a good chunk of her finger. Ouch. De Laurentiis was apparently slicing through a turkey roll she'd prepared when, according to Radar, she went pale and whispered to Ina Garten that she'd cut herself badly.

Food Network cut to commercial and, when they came back, Alton Brown announced she was getting medical attention. Or, as he put it on Twitter, "We did locate the end of Giada's left index finger in the stuffing. Rushing to hospital now." He was joking; De Laurentiis was back on set in a few minutes, bandaged finger and all, enjoying a nice Food Network family Thanksgiving meal. (And putting up with some good-natured joking around from her fellow Food Networkians.) She later Instagrammed photos of her treated wound and seems to be on the mend. She told Today: "I think everybody kind of freaked out. We don't do live television usually on Food Network. These things usually just get hidden." Check out video of De Laurentiis post-accident, in which her co-hosts rib her a bit, below.

Video: Food Network's Thanksgiving Live Google+ Hangout

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