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Watch David Kinch Talk Tasting Menus at Google

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California chef David Kinch recently stopped by Google to talk about his first cookbook Manresa: An Edible Reflection and discuss cuisine as a "living breathing endeavor," the lure of celebrity chefdom, and how maturity in the kitchen sometimes means simplifying. There's also an interesting Q&A with the audience where Kinch describes the ups and downs of creating tasting menus for people with surprise dietary restrictions ("Vegans with nut allergies. Oh my god. Tasting menus.") and the challenges of being one of the 14 cooks in the kitchen at Manresa. "They work very hard, they work 12-hour days," says Kinch of his staff. "They'll get into a routine, and once we're into a routine and everything is going really well with the menu that's usually when I'll want to change things." He also talks about an upcoming menu change, with Manresa switching over to only one tasting menu in January. Go, watch:

Video: David Kinch: Manresa, Talks at Google

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