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Watch the Daily Show Double Down on New York Pizza (and Call a Truce With Chicago)

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After his epic rant against Chicago pizza last week, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart went at it again last night with three segments about the controversy he created called "Strife of Pie." In response to the local news outlets who have come out to say they're "offended" by the rant, Stewart says: "Get to the traffic and weather already! I'm late and I need to know if I need to wear a coat." In response to Rahm Emanuel's Chicago-style deep dish pizzagram, which a dog wouldn't eat, Stewart says "I have seen that dog eat garbage." And Stewart just keeps going.

Stewart continues to explain that pizza is "not just a pizza" to New Yorkers with a special video featuring Jason Jones, Steve Buscemi, Matthew Broderick, and Michael Strahan. The point of the video? To convince Chicago that New York has better pizza because of "the magic." Various magic performed by the pizza include transforming a man into a beautiful woman, acting like a magic carpet, and giving a man strength to walk again. Says Buscemi, "Oh you don't believe in magic? Well maybe that's not magic's problem. Maybe that's your f*cking problem." The segments concludes with a concession: "So congratulations, Chicago, you pizza is edible. It's just not magic."

Stewart ultimately wants to put an end to the fighting, and brings Marc Malnati, owner of Chicago's famed pizzeria Lou Malnati's, onto the show. Malnati — who recently visited New York City and failed in his attempt to get inside the Daily Show Studio — comes bearing deep dish pizza. Stewart is shocked by the fact that Malnati brought actual plates and forks and knives, but admits that the pizza "looks very good." After taking a bite, Stewart says "it's very tasty...I apologize. Truce. A truce." He ends by throwing bombs at California pizza, saying "that is a pile of sh*t." Go, watch the videos:

Video: Strife of Pie

Video: Strife of Pie - New York Pizza is Magic

Video: Strife of Pie - A Pizza Truce

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