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Watch Mario Batali and Jimmy Kimmel Cook in a Stranger's Home

Here's a segment from last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which host Jimmy Kimmel and chef Mario Batali cook a meal in the home kitchen of a stranger they met on the street. The catch? They can only use ingredients they find in the kitchen. The stranger is Lars from Switzerland, and luckily for Kimmel and Batali, he lives in a house with six other people: the fridge is pretty stocked (there's even frozen fondue) and there is a vegetable garden (there are fresh herbs but the eggplants are dead). The meal is also shared with Nicole, another stranger Kimmel and Batali met on the street. When Kimmel improvises a cheese grater from a utensil holder, he says "I feel like we got stranded on an island." The final menu: Fusilli all'Amatriciana, Bratwurst Avec Corn, and Fondue du Lumps alla Lars. Do keep an eye out for the love connection in the works:

Video: Jimmy Kimmel and Mario Batali Cook for Strangers

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