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Ex-McDonald's Worker Goes to Prison for Spitting in a Cop's Food

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Photo: McDonald's

A former McDonald's employee in Iron Mountain, Michigan is facing 29 months in prison for spitting in a uniformed cop's snack wrap in December 2012. The Iron Mountain Daily News reports that 24 year-old Dalton Ursulean was sentenced on Monday "on one felony count of placing harmful objects in food." The harmful object in this case was saliva, which apparently carried hepatitis C. Ursulean claims he was unaware of the infection, and the officer was not infected.

A two and a half year sentence for spitting in someone's food might seem extreme, but the charge carries a maximum of 10 years and Ursulean's habitual offender status (three felonies and six misdemeanors) actually brought his possible prison time up to 20 years. Ursulean took the chance to address the court and apologize saying, "I want to get out there and actually do right." It seems unlikely that his chance to "do right" will happen at McDonald's or any fast food outlet. Ursulean's lawyer also added that his client is aware that his behavior was "dumb and disgusting." Below, a video from TV6 and in which Ursulean former co-worker testifies that he saw Ursulean spit into the cop's food. Go, watch:

Video: Spit on food

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