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Chicago Mayor Retaliates Against Jon Stewart With 'Dead Fish' Deep Dish Pizza

Photos: @ChicagosMayor, @TheDailyShow

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart went on epic rant against deep dish pizza on Wednesday night, which of course called for some retaliation from Chicago and its mayor Rahm Emanuel. After Stewart described the Chicago-style pizza as "an above-ground marinara swimming pool for rats" — among other things — last night Emanuel tweeted, "We also sent @TheDailyShow some real pizza for lunch today. No hard feelings?" The Tweet was accompanied by the above photo of some deep dish pies loaded with anchovies, described as "deep dish with dead fish." (As NBC Chicago notes, the move "harkens back to the days when [Emanuel] sent a dead fish in a box to a pollster who was late with results.")

The Daily Show, for its part, is not giving up ground on this whole pizza debacle. Noting last night that they did indeed receive some deep dish pizzas from Emanuel's office, they tweeted a pretty good Vine of a dog refusing to eat the pies and running away. Meanwhile, Eater Chicago writes that other Chicagoans continue to lash out against Stewart, including deep dish pioneer Giordano's pizzeria, who came out with a trash-talking video that declares, "We know we're the murder capital of the world. But maybe we wouldn't be if New Yorkers weren't talking so much trash about our pizza." Okay. Anyway, here is the Vine:

.@RahmEmanuel sent us some Chicago deep-dish pizza. Thanks buddy!

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