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Watch Diners Heap Praise on Guy Fieri's NYC Restaurant

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Guy's American Kitchen and Bar.
Guy's American Kitchen and Bar.
Photo: Preston/Eater NY

It's been exactly one year since Pete Wells' now-legendary slam of Flavortown mayor Guy Fieri's first New York City restaurant, possibly the most critically reviled restaurant in recent memory. So to see how negative reviews have impacted business one year later, Yahoo! News stood outside the 500-seat Guy's American Kitchen to collect diners' opinions of the meals they just ate there, while reading lines from Wells' missive in the process.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, diners were much more forgiving, with several raves about French fries "fried to perfection," "amazing" food, and an "excellent" menu (originally described by Wells as a "whirling hypno wheel"). Says one diner to Wells: "Shove it. I don't know where he's used to eating, but this place was really good." Fieri also released a statement to Yahoo! about the review's anniversary, saying, "The restaurant just passed the one-year mark and it's doing fantastic. There's a great team in-place." Go, watch:

Video: How Is Guy Fieri's Times Square Restaurant Doing?

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Guy's American Kitchen

220 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

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