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FL Man Arrested Over Impersonating a Cop to Get a Dunkin' Donuts Discount

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A Florida man has been arrested for impersonating a police officer in efforts to receive discounts from a Tampa-area Dunkin' Donuts. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Charles Barry had been frequenting a local Dunkin' Donuts where he had "first said he was a U.S. Marshal, then a U.S. Air Marshal." Apparently he would also bring his family in on weekends to try to get them discounts as well and usually the discounts were around 10% off. When an employee questioned him at the drive-thru earlier this month, Barry went so far as to show a fake police badge and a real gun saying, "See I'm a cop!" (Reports indicate that he did not point the gun at the employee, rather just displayed it.)

In the grand tradition of Dunkin' Donuts employees taking a bite out of crime, police caught wind of the fraud when the store manager approached the Pasco county sheriff earlier this week about policies around law enforcement asking for discounts and her situation with Barry. (Deputies are "allowed to accept discounts" but "no one is supposed to ask.") The store manager took down Barry's license plate at his next visit, and the following week police set up surveillance and found the badge plus the .38 revolver in Barry's front pocket after stopping him as he was driving away from another Dunkin' run. Barry has been charged with impersonating an officer and improper exhibition of a firearm, and has been released on $5,150 bail. In the video below from the Pasco county sheriff's office, Barry displays his fake badge and his gun (starts at about 2:46). Go, watch:

Video: False Impersonation Case

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