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Watch René Redzepi's Conversation with Padma Lakshmi

Photo: Joyce Culver/92Y

In mid-November, René Redzepi stopped by NYC's 92nd Street Y for an on-stage discussion moderated by Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. The topic: creativity, success ("there's nothing more limiting than success, in a strange way"), and Redzepi's new book, A Work in Progress. Of the acclaim and intense attention that followed the opening of Noma, Redzepi says, "It was just a new phenomenon, being a restaurant cook and being accepted into pop culture this way. It's strange, you find yourself there at that mid-life restaurant crisis." Later, Lakshmi makes a "size does matter" comment in reference to shrimp, much to the giggles of the crowd. (She laughs it off with a "Where's Eater when you need them?") Go, watch:

Video: René Redzepi with Padma Lakshmi

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