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Chicago Restaurant Owner Knocks Out iPhone Thief

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Would-be iPhone thieves, take note: Chicago restaurateur Jason Chan chased and knocked out a man who stole an iPhone in his restaurant on Thursday. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Chan — who co-owns the Michelin-recommended restaurant Juno in Lincoln Park — became suspicious when a "too disheveled" man entered the restaurant and put his coat on the bar. After the man picked up his coat and left, Chan realized the man had stolen a customer's iPhone. While the customer filed a police report, Chan left the restaurant and found the thief, 37 year-old Justin Ballog, at a nearby pizzeria.

A former bouncer and Shidokan martial arts practitioner, Chan confronted Ballog and, when he "became adversarial," Chan "neutralized" Ballog with a kick to the face, leaving him unconscious until the police arrived. When Ballog awoke, Chan got him to admit he had, in fact, stolen the phone. CBS Chicago reports that Ballog has been charged with misdemeanor theft and a bond has been set at $10,000. Chan isn't the only restaurant operator taking justice into his his own hands these days. In Canada, a sushi chef chased a dine-and-dasher with a sushi knife until the police intervened. In the video below, Chan tells CBS about the incident, which resulted in a broken door and a black eye. Go, watch:

Video: Restaurant Owner Serves Knuckle Sandwich To Alleged iPhone Thief

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