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Watch Bill Maher's Rant Against Christians Stiffing Servers

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On Friday's episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, host Bill Maher took on recent stories of Christians stiffing restaurant servers on tips. Citing a pastor who scribbled "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?" on a receipt, as well as a family that stiffed a Carraba's server for being gay, Maher asks: "Who ordered the piping hot asshole?" He points out that "Just because you're eating out doesn't give you a right to tell your server who they should be eating out," or, in other words, "Not tipping a gay waiter will not make him want to put his penis in a woman. It'll make him want to put his penis in your pasta primavera." Watch Maher's rant below:

Video: Bill Maher on Christians and Tipping

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