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Ramsay Drops French Foie Supplier Due to Animal Abuse

Photos: Ramsay/Facebook, Ernes

After the Mirror "revealed shocking footage of supplier Ernest Soulard," shouty British chef Gordon Ramsay has decided to stop purchasing foie gras from the French supplier. Foie gras production is illegal in the UK, but its purchase is not. While Ramsay's restaurant won't buy Ernest Soulard foie anymore, it seems that other suppliers are still fair game: a spokesperson for British animal rights group the RSPCA told the Mirror, "We hope that they will cease sourcing traditional foie gras altogether. This barbaric product should have no place in fine dining."

Ramsay has dabbled in animal rights in the past, filming a special on the controversy surrounding shark fin soup for Channel 4 back in 2011. British activists are also putting pressure on Joël Robuchon's London restaurant to stop serving foie, but as yet there has been no comment from that restaurant.

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