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The Winner of MasterChef Junior Cooks Better Than You

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Friday was the season finale of MasterChef Junior (the "sleeper hit" that was called "the best show on TV" that helped "reinvigorate other tired cooking-show conventions") and spoiler alert: 13-year old Alexander Weiss beat Dara Yu and won $100,000 and a trophy. A lot of the kids, aged 9 through 13, were phenomenally talented cooks, but in the final competition, Weiss just absolutely blew away the judges.

On his entree, a potato gnocchi with a sage and shallot butter sauce and pan-seared veal chop (intentionally cooked medium rare), judge Gordon Ramsay said: "Young man, that is one of the best visually cooked veal chops anywhere in the country tonight. And there are chefs, right now, shuddering with the way that's cooked." Apparently this is a dish that he cooks at home for fun. For dessert, he made a "deconstructed canoli" which Joe Bastianich called "amazing." The showrunnner and executive producer of the show told HuffPo that the judges originally feared the worst with kids cooking, assuming they'd get food like "fish fingers or beans on toast." They were proven wrong. Here's video of Weiss' winning dishes:

Video: The Winner of MasterChef Junior Cooks Better Than You Do

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