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Charlie Trotter, Time Magazine's "Gods of Food," More

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In case you missed them, here are the top stories from the week in Eater:


Recapping the week in Eater: Chicago chef Charlie Trotter passed away this week at 54 to an enormous outpouring of sentiment from chefs and food world luminaries. See a statement from Trotter's wife and the media response. Take a look at menus at Charlie Trotter's through the years and his cameo in My Best Friend's Wedding. Also see Bonjwing Lee on dining at Charlie Trotter's and Regina Schrambling on Trotter's cookbook legacy.

The other big story this week was the Nov. 18 issue of Time magazine that included a list of the 13 "Gods of Food" and a chef's family tree which included zero female chefs. Eater's Hillary Dixler interviewed Gods of Food section editor Howard Chua-Eoan about how the issue came together and how it came to be that the only two female chefs covered are pastry chefs with a short mention in a sidebar. Chua-Eoan explained: "We wanted to go with reputation and influence." And chef Amanda Cohen (Dirt Candy, NYC) filed a must-read response to Chua-Eoan.

On the cookbook front, there was a look at René Redzepi's A Work in Progress, Ivan Orkin's Ivan Ramen cookbook, the Gramercy Tavern Cookbook, and Roy Choi's new book L.A. Son. And don't miss the interviews with Roy Choi and Ivan Orkin. Here now the top stories from the week in Eater:

[Photo: Paul Elledge /Vimeo]

Charlie Trotter Dead at 54 + The Food World Responds

[Photo: Getty]

The Cookbook Legacy of Charlie Trotter

[Photo: Ulterior Epicure / Flickr]

Bonjwing Lee on Dining at Charlie Trotter's


Time Editor on Why No Female Chefs Are 'Gods of Food'

Amanda Cohen, Dirt Candy, New York. [Photo: Krieger]

Amanda Cohen on Time Magazine and Female Chefs

[Photo: Paula Forbes /]

First Look: Roy Choi's New Book L.A. Son

[Photo: Travis Jensen]

Eater Interviews: Roy Choi on His New Book L.A. Son


Anthony Bourdain & Roy Choi on Fine Dining and More

[Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater]

First Look: Ivan Orkin's Ivan Ramen Cookbook

[Photo: Daniel Krieger]

Eater Interviews: Ivan Orkin on His New Cookbook and Opening in NYC

[Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater]

First Look: René Redzepi's A Work in Progress

PUSH project-1031.jpg

Alex Stupak & Grant Achatz's Push Project Dinner in NYC

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Joanne Chang's Harvard Lecture: 'The Science of Sweets'


Top Chef NOLA Ep. 6: The Cream (Cheese) of the Crop

[Photo: GCWH / Facebook]

Eater at the Movies: The Great Chicken Wing Hunt

[Photo: Daniel Krieger]

New York's Balthazar Nixes Bathroom Attendants

[Photo: zhu difeng / Shutterstock]

Study: Food Blogs Are Trying to Kill You

[Photos: @phillygirl and Biscuit Heads]

Asheville, NC Restaurant Has a 'Gravy Flight' on its Menu

Zucker Bakery's turkey-and-cranberry stuffed doughnut. [Photo: Zucker Bakery]

Behold NYC's Cultural Mash-Up 'Thanksgivukkah Donut'


Watch Bourdain Visit Tokyo's Insane Robot Restaurant