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Watch Daniel Patterson Talk Leadership, Michelin, and SF

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Here's a Bloomberg TV interview with chef Daniel Patterson of San Francisco's Coi. Patterson begins the interview discussing his upcoming cookbook debut, and then moves on to talking about his experiences running a kitchen. Patterson explains how he keeps his kitchen team "behind him": "It's my job to inspire people, and to get in there with them and do the work and support them." He explains that San Francisco is a unique place to cook, and says: "For us, I feel like within San Francisco we're a little bit cosseted. So we're able to do our work and to deal with our purveyors, and our products, and our cooks in a way that feels a little bit even insulated." Patterson also touches on media scrutiny, Michelin rankings, and why he likes to talk to customers in the dining room. Go, watch:

Video: Coi Chef-Patron Says He's Cosseted in San Francisco

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