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Capitol Hill Starbucks Offers Cash to Furloughed Workers

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Photo: @diana_olick

A Starbucks location "two blocks from the U.S. Capitol" has brought out the cash box for furloughed government employees and others who "just need the help." CNBC correspondent Diana Olick Tweeted the above photo, which purports to show customers throwing in their change (and in one case, a $10 bill) in support of those affected by the ongoing government shutdown. (Among the non-government employees feeling the burden of the shutdown: DC-area restaurants, who are reporting a steep decline in business.)

Just yesterday, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz issued a "call for civility and leadership" among business owners, writing that Starbucks was "planning actions in the coming weeks to galvanize our customers, inspire our people and encourage the communities we serve to come together." (Not sure doling out cash was what he meant, but it's a start?)

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