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Bartender Receives Lottery Ticket as a Tip, Wins $17,500

An Oregon bartender received a lottery ticket as a tip last week that turned out to be worth $17,500. Aurora Kephart told the Register-Guard that one of her regular customers at Conway's Restaurant and Lounge often gives her "unplayed Keno tickets as tips." Last Tuesday, one of them paid off in a serious way: after discovering the first ticket was worth $5, the second turned out to be worth $17,500. Kephart tried to give the man his ticket back, and although he refused she did share some of the winnings with him. Kephart says she's going to spend the leftover money on a couch and then save the rest: "I never realized how expensive couches were...Instead of waiting till Christmas or later, now I can buy something I really need." Below, a local news report.

Video: Oregon Bartender Receives Winning Lottery Ticket Tip

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Conway's Restaurant and Lounge

5658 Main Street Springfield, OR 97478