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Starbucks UK's Sad Take on the Hybrid Pastry: The Duffin

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Photo: Starbucks

Not one to let a good trend go unexploited, Starbucks UK is hopping on the food hybrid train with the "Duffin." Over on their website, the coffee giant wonders, "Inspired by our muffins, we sat together with our bakers and pondered how you could make a muffin go one step we might create a twist on the mighty muffin?" The answer is a cross between a doughnut and a muffin — so kind of a healthyish cronut — except it's actually just a muffin with some jelly inside. (Raspberry jelly, to be specific.)

Only available in the UK, the Duffin is made from a buttermilk/nutmeg batter and then injected with jelly and rolled in sugar after baking. Basically everyone on their Facebook thinks that "MuffNuts" would have been a better name. You heard the people, Starbucks.

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