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Watch Mario Batali Talk Michelin and Make Grilled Cheese on Jimmy Fallon

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Chef and restaurateur Mario Batali was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, where he did an interview and made cocktails and grilled cheese sandwiches. In the interview, Batali recounts his experience celebrating his son Benno's 17th birthday with a surprisingly painful paintball outing (apparently Benno is a good shot.) In the interview, Batali also celebrates the release of the New York City Michelin Guide: "Babbo got our Michelin star back, we got another star at Spotted Pig, we got a star at Del Posto, we got a Michelin star at Casa Mono."

In the cooking segment, Batali cooks with Jimmy Fallon, Roots drummer Questlove, and fellow guest Meredith Vieira to promote his new catering venture, Mario By Mary. He makes an Ernest Hemingway cocktail with a heavy pour of rum. Batali asks Fallon to zest a lime for the drink and says: "Now you gotta be careful, I didn't have you sign the waiver you normally have to do with your fingers and the knives." Fallon bravely zests the lime, and the segment continues with a lesson in fancy grilled cheese making while the gang (except Questlove, presumably for reasons of coolness) briefly wears safety goggle drinking straws. Those crazy kids. Go, watch:

Video: Mario Batali Survived Paintball

Video: Mario Batali Makes Grilled Cheese

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