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Ilan Hall Is Opening a Restaurant in an Urban Outfitters

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It looks like Los Angeles chef and host of the new Esquire Network show Knife Fight Ilan Hall has found a location for his first New York restaurant. Eater NY reports that Hall is planning to open a second location of his popular LA restaurant The Gorbals inside a "massive" Urban Outfitters being built in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Apparently the community board denied the Gorbals/UO application, but the full board will vote on the application next week.

Hall revealed his plans to open a Brooklyn location of The Gorbals earlier this week. He has said that the Brooklyn location "will be similar, it will have the same soul as" his Los Angeles restaurant. It's hard to see at this point how a restaurant nestled among ironic graphic tees, pre-torn jeans, and disaffected staff at a nationwide retail chain will be just like the Los Angeles hotspot, but only time will tell.

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