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Watch a Chicago Restaurant Become Alinea for Halloween

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In the grand tradition of restaurants going as other restaurants for Halloween, here's Chicago's Real Kitchen "dressed up" as Alinea. Except this version of Alinea is entirely takeout "with a weekly change-up of 45-course meals." (Don't worry, they send you home with lengthy instructions for plating.) Real Kitchen commits to the con, taking down its strip mall sign — Alinea famously has no sign — and sending up Martin Kastner's plateware designs with an intricate contraption made from a wire hanger. (See Eater's Cocktail Week interview with Kastner here.)

Other restaurants getting in the Halloween spirit this year include Minneapolis' Bachelor Farmer (which is going as Dorsia, a fictional restaurant from American Psycho) and Marvel Bar (going as the bar from the movie Cocktail, which is brave of them). Chicago's Lula Cafe is going as "House of Human," a cannibalistic dim sum parlor. Is your restaurant switching gears for the evening and getting in costume? Let us know. Below, Real Kitchen becomes Alinea.

Video: Real Kitchen as Alinea for Halloween 2013

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Real Kitchen

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