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Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Sriracha Factory

Here's a video from CBS This Morning with a look inside the brand new plant where the famed Sriracha hot sauce is made in Irwindale, CA. The fiery condiment has caused some controversy as of late, due to a lawsuit from surrounding neighbors of the factory claiming that there's a throat-burning pepper in the air. But the lawsuit hasn't had an effect on Sriracha's cult-like following, chef Roy Choi of LA tells CBS, "There are certain things that have magic and that sauce has magic." Founder of the Sriracha empire David Tran is doing what he can to solve the spicy air problem. And he's totally rocking that Sriracha t-shirt.

Video: Sriracha: Behind the scenes of the "magic" hot sauce

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— Cassie Sawyer