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Seizure-Faking Restaurant Scammer Arrested Again

Photo: Turp's/Facebook

The Baltimore man now notorious for faking seizures at restaurants to get free meals has been arrested — for nearly the 100th time — for petty theft. Baltimore police say that Andrew Palmer allegedly faked a seizure at barbecue joint Oliver Speck's in an attempt to skip out on a $90 bill; the following evening, he was arrested for refusing to pay a tab at Turp's Sports Bar after ordering a sub with fries, a whole pizza, and a few beers. In that incident, employees say Palmer did not try to fake a medical emergency, but instead said he had been robbed on the way to the restaurant and had no cash onhand.

Oliver Speck's chef Jesse Sandlin tells the Baltimore Sun that during the incident at her restaurant, "the paramedics showed up and said, 'Looks like our guy's back. He would not wake up, and they were like, 'Come on Andy, stop faking.'" Earlier this year, Palmer was sentenced to one year in jail for a combination of thefts (including a $161.18 tab at Sullivan's Steakhouse). So beware, Baltimore restaurants; according to the Sun, Palmer's 90-arrest rap sheet includes scams at "restaurants in Anne Arundel, Baltimore and St. Mary's counties."

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