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Guy Fieri Testifies at Accused Lambo Thief's Trial

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Looks like human lava lamp Guy Fieri is getting some much needed closure after his $200,000 2008 yellow Lamborghini was stolen in 2011 and then found in 2012. NBC Bay Area reports that the Food Networkperson testified at the trial of the teen accused of stealing his beloved neon car yesterday. Max Wade also stands accused of attempting to murder a teenage girl who "spurned him romantically" and her boyfriend at the time, the same girl he ostensibly tried to impress by stealing Fieri's car. Apparently Fieri's testimony was rather limited in scope, lasting about five minutes. Fieri testified that he was in fact the owner of the car and that he had not given anybody permission to drive it. An Uproxx writer at the trial reports that Fieri was also asked about his occupation. Apparently the defense objected on the grounds of relevance when Fieri was asked if he would call himself a "celebrity chef." The objection was sustained.

Fieri told NBC reporters in the video clip below that he's ready to "move on" from the dramatic loss of his "great car." "I thought it was a bad joke," he said of the moment he first learned the car was stolen. Fieri said he would often get calls from people saying they spotted his car on the road ("Believe it or not, there's more than one yellow Lamborghini in Northern California" he would tell friends). He also called the accused thief a "brave kid" for attempting the heist, and adds that the car is really a "very small portion" of what the trial is about. Closing arguments are now finished and the case is with the jury. Go, watch, and do keep an eye out for the fantastic courtroom illustrations of Fieri:

Video: Guy Fieri Testifies at Trial of Teen Accused of Stealing His Lamborghini

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