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McDonald's Advises Employees to Seek Public Assistance

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How is fast food giant McDonald's helping its employees now? They are directing employees to seek out public assistance like food stamps and Medicaid. Advocacy group Low Pay Is Not OK recorded a phone call between a full time employee (who makes $8.25/hour) and the "McResource Line" in which the operator guides the employee through applying for public assistance. Says the operator in the recording below: "You would most likely be eligible for SNAP benefits." SNAP is a food stamp program. The operator also suggested the employee seek Medicaid assistance. A statement from the SEIU United Service Workers West quoted in the Chicago Tribune says the the help line "shows McDonald's relies on taxpayers to pick up the slack" instead of paying workers a livable wage.

News of McDonald's advice follows a recent report that finds more than half of all fast food workers receive some form of public assistance (totaling $7 billion per year). McDonald's has also been criticized for its financial advice website for employees, which implied that in order to make ends meet employees would need a second source of income. Fast food workers nationwide protested for higher wages this Summer. Below, a video featuring audio recording from the McResource help line:

Video: McResource "Help" Line

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