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Starbucks Sues Starbung in Thailand Over Logo

Photos: kuchizuke11 / Instagram,

Starbucks will not suffer off-brand imposters: according to the Bangkok Post, the coffee giant is suing a small-time Bangkok coffee stand that goes by the name Starbung. As you can see above, Starbung — owned by Damrong "Bung" Maslae — employs a logo that is somewhat similar to Starbucks'. The lawsuit asks for 300,000 baht (about US $9,600) in back-licensing fees, legal fees, and interest.

Starbucks has twice now asked Maslae and company to stop using the logo. After a preliminary request was denied, Starbung started printing the logo on stickers and clothing. Maslae responded to a second request to stop using the logo by offering to sell Starbung to Starbucks for 3 million baht (almost US $100,000). The Bangkok Post did not specify what types of drinks Starbung serves, although one can assume they're not stepping on Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte turf.

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