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Watch a 'Skeleton Driver' Prank Drive-Thru Attendants

Pranking fast food employees at the drive-thru window is a time-honored tradition, and YouTube user Magic Of Rahat has created this latest iteration: the "Skeleton Driver." In the prank, he wears a costume shaped like a driver's seat with a skeleton on it, and the whole thing looks pretty real, judging by the surprised drive-thru attendants and the shrieking. (The prank is closely related to Magic Of Rahat's "Invisible Driver" prank.) The skeleton doesn't just appear to drive either. When employees return to the window with managers, co-workers, and/or cellphones the skeleton moves, startling everyone all over again. Do keep an eye out for when the skeleton decides it doesn't want sauce. Go, watch:

Video: Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank

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