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Behold a Burger With a Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese Bun

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Photo: @RockitBurgerBar

Here's the latest in hybrid burger creations: the Mac Attack from Chicago's Rockit Burger Bar. The restaurant tweeted the above photo of the burger, which features a beef patty, sriracha ketchup, scallions, lettuce, and tomato sandwiched between deep-fried mac and cheese buns. Chicago folks, take note: the Mac Attack is only available through October 6.

The burger seems to be inspired by Keizo Shimamoto's Ramen Burgers, the novelty hybrid that people will line up for hours to get (both in New York City and Los Angeles). Rockit Burger Bar isn't the first restaurant to try to get in on the noodle bun action. Miso Izakaya in Atlanta launched their own ramen burger last month, while in San Diego Rakiraki Ramen introduced three ramen burgers to their menu. In Philadelphia, PYT unleashed a burger with buns made from spaghetti and a burger sandwiched between two deep-fried pieces of lasagna.

· @RockitBurgerBar [Twitter via LAT]
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Rockit Burger Bar

3700 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60613

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