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Mathematician Calculates Formula for the 'Perfect' Pizza

A fraction of a pizza.
A fraction of a pizza.
Photo: avlxyz/Flickr

A mathematician at the U.K.'s Sheffield University has calculated a formula for what she's calling the "perfectly proportioned" margherita pizza, designed to "ensure maximum flavor of topping to base." According to Dr. Eugenia Cheng (who's done this before with the perfect cream tea biscuit), an 11-inch pizza contains 10 percent more toppings per bite than a 14-inch pizza, but because "size of the pizza's crust is proportional to the thickness of the pizza," the larger pizza has less chance of a soggy crust.

The resulting equation factors in the volume of dough, the constant volume of toppings, and the ratio between base to topping to find the "optimum mouthful." U.K. pizza chain PizzaExpress has taken the findings to add 15 grams of dough to its recipes. Says a brand director: "For people who are as obsessive about pizza as we are, 15g makes all the difference."

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