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Alton Brown Is Launching His Own Line of Bow Ties

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[Photos: hook + Albert]

Food Networkperson Alton Brown is getting into the fashion business with his own line of bow ties. He has partnered with the men's accessories company hook + Albert to create the line of five patterned, reversible ties with food-inspired names like "Midnight Jam" and "Tartan Sauce." According to the website, Brown reached out to hook + Albert to create the limited collection of 100 bow ties after being inspired by a pair of their bright shoe laces. Brown tells BuzzFeed about the appeal of bow ties: "it takes a certain rakish confidence to pull it off, and I like being that guy." The ties cost $65, and are available for sale beginning on October 21. With these ties, Brown joins a long list of food folk who have dabbled in fashion design, including Eddie Huang, Chris Cosentino, and Jose Garces. Photos of the collection are below:

[Photos: hook + Albert]

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