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Quebec Chef Receives Death Threats Over Seal Burger

Photo: Facebook

Way back in 2012, chef Kim Côté, whose restaurant Côté-Est sits on an eastern coast of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, placed a burger made of foie gras and seal meat on his menu to protest the European Union's embargo on Canadian seal products. The creation, dubbed the "Phoque Bardot Burger," refers to actress Brigitte Bardot's animal-rights activism (it's also far from the only seal-meat dish served in Quebec). But Eater Montreal reports that controversy has just-now emerged: After a French tourist posted about the burger in a 400,000-member Facebook group, Côté was "swiftly inundated with threats."

According to Eater Montreal, Côté Est's Facebook page was temporarily suspended and the National Police of Quebec was contacted about the online threats, but "no official complaint has been filed." In an interview with the French Canadian press, Côté says that activists against the " federally regulated" seal hunt are misinformed about the legislation. The seal burger remains on the menu.

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