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The 11 Best Lines From the Tenacious D Episode of Food Is the New Rock

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Music/comedy duo Tenacious D — AKA Jack Black and Kyle Gass — swung by the podcast Food Is the New Rock to talk about all things food. About a third of the episode is devoted to chicken; mostly fried, occasionally French, and most definitely not "a la Boring." Also covered: Dorito Burritos, the cult of veganism, the Rider Challenge, and oh so much more. Below, the 11 best lines from the Tenacious D episode of Food Is the New Rock; listen here and feel free to add your picks in the comments below.

1: Jack Black on Chicken: "Chicken is easy to fuck up. I like chicken when it's succulent and delicious and properly spiced."

2: JB on ordering a dish for the table: "It's a common fat guy move: let's get this for the table! It's a ploy. Really, you want to get it for yourself, but you don't want to be that guy who orders three mains for himself."

3: Kyle Gass on late night eats: There's a meal I call The Meal With No Name. Because you've already had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but after the show, you get on the bus and after you do a show, you just get ravenous.

4: JB on when chicken is bad: "Chicken a la boring, it's just a breast for starters, just dry, zero sauce."

5: JB on General Tso: "Isn't that what General Tso's chicken is? It's just, like, jelly doughnut chicken. It's like they take chicken and wrap it in doughnut powder."

6: JB on the hunger within: "When I get hungry, it taps into some baby childish thing where I'm like, 'I feel sorry for myself! I deserve some food and no one loves me!'"

7: JB on LA's Cafe Gratitude: "I think it actually is a cult. I think that all the people who work there actually after the restaurant closes, I think they all just start making love. And they sleep there, and they live there."

8: JB on Cafe Gratitude: "They're hippies. Every single ingredient must be raw and and organic and absolutely toxic-free. It's a total Portlandia restaurant. They definitely kiss every animal before they slaughter it."

9: JB on eating spicy food to get over colds: "It's more of a thing you want to get delivered at home. You don't want to drain at the restaurant."

10: JB on the Dorito Burrito: "You take the burrito, you bite off the end — you circumcise it — and then you drain it. There's too much in there. It doesn't make the perfect experience. And then you stuff it with Doritos. Later on you can use that drainage as a dip for your Doritos as well."

11: JB: "The Rider Challenge is we have to eat everything that comes from our rider." KG: "I'm going to eat all the carrot sticks and the hummus." JB: "There is literally twelve gallons of water. You are not going to drink all that water."

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