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Behold LA's Toilet-Themed Magic Restroom Cafe

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Magic Restoom Cafe, Los Angeles.
Magic Restoom Cafe, Los Angeles.
Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

Apologies in advance for what you are about to read: Los Angeles now has a bathroom themed restaurant called Magic Restroom Cafe. The seats are toilets. According to Eater LA, "prime tables have showerheads fitted on the adjoining wall" and food is served in miniature fake toilets. Said food has names like "black poop" (chocolate sundae), "smells-like-poop" (braised pork over rice), "constipation" (zha jiang mian), "bloody number two" (vanilla-strawberry sundae).

Surprisingly, the bathroom-themed restaurant is not a new thing: first there was Modern Toilet in Taiwan, and later toilet restaurants popped up across China (complete with poo pillows). And now, lucky (?) for Americans, there is one in LA.

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Magic Restroom Cafe

18558 Gale Ave # 222, City of Industry CA 91748